It's like fight club for emotional intelligence and cultural awareness.

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This isn't about shame, or guilt; but about doing the very difficult, horrifying, courageous and galvanizing work of rooting our own identities in sustainable truths that free us.

About Canin Carlos

Adopted into an adverse cultural situation, education provided the language needed to process, navigate, and survive, a socially, psychologically and emotionally violent environment.

After three decades of applied learning, Canin now offers access to their insights and experiences to illuminate your own insights and experiences.

Manifesting Empathy is an introductory structure through which to approach the pantheon of conversations requisite to being conscious of diversity in all of its infinite and ever-changing forms.

Which is to say that while we will never be competent enough, we can acclimate ourselves to, and so begin to mitigate, the pitfalls of our innate curiosity.

Learning to better navigate our todays and tomorrows ... as well as those of others.